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04 October 2011 @ 06:34 pm
Times have changed, and we've often rewound the clock.  
I'm dropping by to invite you all to a moving-out party of sorts! Yes. I'm moving. Not just changing-my-username-moving again, but real clean-slate-new-journal moving.

What to say?

I have loved, positively loved this journal. Many of the best, happiest moments of my life have been recorded on here, or heck, even lived here.
But, especially in the light of recent experience... this journal is tied in with too many memories, and negative associations I'd rather not keep track of. I sort of feel like that's not me anymore; not completely. The core element is still the same, but so much around and inside has changed.

Not to mention, I'm never around here anymore, so considering all that... I thought a fresh start might be needed.

I will be working on transferring my flist, and little by little I'll be moving my fics over to the new journal, probably in public entries. If you still want to follow me, go friend my new journal! Thank you to those of you who'll stick it out, although feel free not to: I write for my own amusement and catharsis, after all. 


goodbye, flist! It was fun goofing around with you lot.:D

See you over at starsandgutters!!!


I feel...: melancholymelancholy
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